Welcome & Kia Ora

Thank you for your interest in our travels and stories of life afloat. John and I began our cruising lives together in 2011 and since then have continued to pursue our dreams of a life “unencumbered and free.”* 

While the joke runs that John does it for the sailing and Kia does it for the travel, in truth travel by boat is an incredible way for one to live a very simple, focused life undiluted by the clutter of our industrialized world. A recent interview summarizes our eleven year circumnavigation, why we chose to do it and some of the highlights along the way.. You can listen to the podcast here: Setting Sail for the Unknown and Embracing Adventure. I hope that our stories convey some of the simple joys of the cruising life and highlight the fantastic cultural experiences that are exchanged along the way.

For a quick introduction to our boat and our lives afloat (never taking anything too seriously), enjoy the following clip: Lost at Sea.

Welcome to our blog and come share our experience. Step onboard – I hope you enjoy the ride!

*Ātea: A Maori word meaning unencumbered and free. There is much truth and many ironies in this reference to our cruising life, as anyone who has owned a boat can appreciate.