Baby Braca Tai

Our little stowaway has finally come on scene! Born on 17 October, 2011, he greeted us at 8:10AM at 3.4kg/7lb10oz and 20 inches. Welcome our little sailor!

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5 thoughts on “Baby Braca Tai”

  1. The Venrick’s are loving their new cousin. Miss you all and wish we were there to celebrate this special time with you.


    1. You are in spirit, Jamie, and I can’t wait to bring my little man home to introduce him to his cousins…… we love and miss you! Must plan for that reunion soon!!


    1. Hi Tracey, Wonderful to hear from you – thanks for jumping on for an online introduction to our new addition. Four months now, a totally different little being already! I’ll be heading out of the country again in a month – first to California for a month to introduce the new relation, then we are offshore again first of May. This time we’ll be heading out with destination unknown, so our ending will be a surprise to all of us! How is everything on your end? (You can email response to my personal address @


    2. Thank you very much. In two weeks time, we’ll be at it again – this time with Braca onboard. Look forward to sharing the next adventure!!


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