2017/ 18 Indian Ocean and East Africa

The start of 2017 saw us leave India, only to return with engine fuel problems.  Various engine issues dogged us all season, but we swept south through the Maldives with the first ever Maldives Rally regardless.

Mid year saw us across to the Seychelles and after a short visit to John’s family in at the height of a pleasant English summer, we pressed further westward to East Africa.  Again, having departed from ‘the milk run’ we explored southwards through Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, and finally to South Africa.

The end of 2017 saw us sadly return to England for a family bereavement, and on return to the boat our focus was getting to Cape Town where the boat will be laid up ashore.

2018 will see us back in NZ – its time to work and prepare funds for the next adventures.