about the crew

Skipper: John Daubeny, born before records began.  John’s past in the British navy, a circumnavigation in his previous boat, and time working on charter yachts and deliveries helps keep Atea running, and contract work in the IT industry funds the adventure according to the Admirals orders. (For John’s story)

Admiral: Kia Koropp, birth date classified.  A travelling childhood and early career gives Kia the wanderlust that directs ATEAs track.  Combining motherhood with traveling allows Kia to satisfy the loves of her life. (For Kia’s story)

Powder Monkey: Braca Daubeny, born October 2011, called Atea home for the first two years of his life. He completed his first ocean passage when he was just six months old and, unlike his father, has never shown any signs of sea sickness.

Ships Baby: Ayla Daubeny, born November 2013, will take up her brothers cot on Atea. We hope that she adapts to life on board as well as he did.