Eastern Atlantic Ocean 2020

The kids and I returned to South Africa in January 2020 and spent the first few months of the year travelling through the western and northern cape. It is one of my favourite countries for beauty and experience, and it was wonderful to be able to spend a few more months travelling through the country before resuming our cruising lives. John joined us in early March, a week before South Africa closed its borders due to Covid. We spent the next two months in lockdown in Saldana Bay marina, and departed for a 6000 mile passage from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, arriving in the Azores after spending two months at sea. A Covid protocol had been established by the time we arrived, so we had an exceptionally warm welcome and spent the remainder of the year cruising through the Azores, Portugal, the Canaries, and Gambia. We felt incredibly privileged to be spending our time travelling through so many beautiful countries when the rest of the world was in lockdown. We had gambled when departing South Africa that things would work out for us, and with great future that gamble paid off.