Ihlosi and Ingwe

This year we decided to add complication to chaos. In March we added two cats to the ships crew list, picking up two beautiful bengal siblings in South Africa. We were cleaver, agreeing that if we could circumvent the litter box situation we would rid ourselves of the major disadvantage to cats on boats. We diligently taught our cats to use the toilet and the cats dutifully obeyed. All well for a boat in lockdown.

What we didn’t have the foresight for, however, was this was going to be a home on the move and when we shot out of South Africa two months later, we experienced the quick demise of our well-laid plan. The cats we ending up in the toilet and we getting grumpy about their lot in life.

So, we are now just a regular ship with two kids, two cats, and a litter box. Oh well. We tried.