South Pacific 2022

We roll into 2022 on a cruising high. Bonaire was a divine diving holiday. Colombia was a cultural extravaganza, with the highlight being the inland mountains of Santa Marta and the old city vibe of Cartagena. Christmas and New Years were spent with some close cruising companions in the San Blas islands of Panama, and after transiting the Panama Canal and a tour of Costa Rica’s west coast we will head back into the Pacific for the first time since 2012 — exactly ten years later.

This next year marks our last year cruising and the end of a decade of life onboard a cruising yacht. What comes next will have to be crafted with as much creativity, intrepidness and adventure. But for now I remain focused on cruising across the Pacific.

I sailed across in 2006 and John the same a decade before that. This time we hope to find new hidden gems and explore areas we did not cross previously. Let’s see how well we carry this aspiration forward.