This menu holds written accounts of the past ten years of our cruising lives, from initial purchase in New Zealand in 2011, through our adventures in the South Pacific, Asia and the Indian Ocean. As we enter a new decade, both in year and by boat, we will continue to share our adventures and misadventures as we continue from our current position — exactly half way around the globe from where we started.

If you follow the main drop down you can read our progress in seasons defined by region (Pacific, Indian, etc.); in each of these sections our articles are further broken down into countries. Our articles provide a story of our travels in segments, rather than guides, tutorials or advice. These are all small chapters of our experiences as we have made our way slowly around the globe, and I hope you enjoy the stories as you read them.

If you are interested in discussing any place or any event in particular, please feel free to get in touch. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy a wander through our drifting, meandering nomadic moments – segments of our life afloat.