Where have we been

2011: Atea’s shakedown cruise as chariot to the Daubeny/Koropp clan took her through Fiji and Tonga, two island groups in the Southwest Pacific. See “2011 Southwest Pacific Region” for related blog posts.

2012: As a crew of three, infant as new member, Atea embarked on a extended cruise northwards from New Zealand to the equator. We traveled through Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, the Lousiades in PNG and down the east coast of Australia to Sydney. See “2012 Western Pacific Region” for related blog posts.

2013: After a six month spell in Sydney Australia, we voyaged north along the Great Barrier Reef to Indonesia, Singapore and Asia.

2014/15: Following a return to NZ for Aylas birth and work, we returned to Atea in September 2014 and spent the next six months exploring the holiday highlights of Malaysia and southern Thailand.

2016: Drama engulfed us at the start of the year, when Braca was diagnosed with Diabetes and hospitalised on the verge of our departure westward across the Indian Ocean.  Six months later we were able to pick up cruising again, and travelled to the remote surfing coasts of Sumatra, the south to Cocos Keeling, west to the splendour of Chago, finally north through the Maldives finishing the year in India.

2017: Our second season in the Indian Ocean proved even more spectacular than the already high standards of 2016.  This season took us south through the Maldives again, west to the Seychelles, then across to East Africa, Madagascar and finally Cape Town.